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    8080For more bread crumbs look in {{{setup/qemu/}}} and {{{setup/qemu/}}} (look for 'fstab' in the latter).
     82== Site Configuration ==
     84The site configuration file is an attribute value pair file parsed by a [file:///usr/local/share/doc/python2.7/library/configparser.html python ConfigParser] that sets overall container parameters.  Many of these have legacy internal names.
     86Acceptable values (and their DETER defaults) are:
     88  backend_server::
     89    The IRC server used as a backend coordination service for grandstand.  Will be replaced by MAGI.  Default: {{{}}}
     90  grandstand_port::
     91    Port that third party applications can contact grandstand on.  Will be replaced by MAGI.  Default: {{{4919}}}
     92  maverick_url::
     93    Default image used by qemu containers.  Default: {{{http://scratch/benito/pangolinbz.img.bz2}}}
     94  url_base::
     95    Base URL of the DETER web interface on which users can see experiments.  Default: {{{}}}
     96  qemu_host_hw::
     97    Hardware used by containers.  Default: {{{pc2133,bpc2133,MicroCloud}}}
     98  xmlrpc_server::
     99    Host and port from which to request experiment creation. Default: {{{}}}
     100  qemu_host_os::
     101    OSID to request for qemu container nodess. Default: {{{Ubuntu1204-64-STD}}}
     102  exec_root::
     103    Root of the directory tree holding containers software and libraries.  Developers often change this. Default: {{{/share/containers}}}
     104  openvz_host_os::
     105    OSID to request for openvz nodes. Default {{{CentOS6-64-openvz}}}
     106  openvz_guest_url::
     107    Location to load the openvz template from.  Default: {{{ %(exec_root)s/images/ubuntu-10.04-x86.tar.gz}}}
     108  switch_shaping::
     109    True if switched containers (see below) should do traffic shaping in the VDE switch that connects them.  Default: {{{true}}}
     110  switched_containers::
     111    A list of the containers that are networked with VDE switches.  Default: {{{qemu,process}}}