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    365365An experimenter can specify their own packing using the {{{containers:partition}}} attribute; it is integer-valued.  All nodes with the smae partition are allocated to the same machine.  If nodes have that attribute attached to them, {{{}}} will assume that they all have been paritioned and use those.  Nodes without a partition assigned are taken to be {{{embedded_pnode}}}s.
     367=== More Sophisticated Packing: Multiple Passes ===
     369The previous examples have all treated packing containers onto physical machines as a single step process with a single parameter - the packing factor.  In fact, we can divide containers into sets and pack each set independently using different parameters.  For example in an experiment with many containers dedicated only to forwarding packets and a few modeling servers, we could create two sets and pack the forwarders tightly (a high packing factor) and the servers loosely.
     371In return for the greater control on packing, there is a price.  When a set of containers is packed, the containers system takes into account both the nodes to be packed and their interconnections.  When subsets of containers are packed, the system cannot consider the interconnections between subsets.  In some cases, the packing of subsets can lead to a DETER experiment that cannot be created successfully.  This danger is mitigated by the fact that containers that are packed together are often related in ways that limit the number of connections between that set and another.
    367375== Further Reading ==