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    13= Users Guide / Tutorial =
    35This document describes the workflow and commands to create an use a containerized experiment.  We work through a couple examples showing the major features of the containers system.  Detailed descriptions of the commands and configuration files are in the [wiki:Reference reference section].
    5 == A Conatinerized Experiment ==
     7== A Containerized Experiment ==
    79This example will walk through creating an experimental topology starting with how to describe a topology through building and using the containerized experiment.
    172174Making that script the start command of all nodes will put the time that each local container came up in the the {{{startup}}} directory under the per-experiment directories.  For example, {{{n-0.example1.DeterTest}}} will create {{{/proj/DeterTest/exp/example1/startup/n-0}}}.  An experimenter can monitor that directory on {{{users}}} and know which nodes are up.
     176=== Releasing Resources ===
     178As with a physical DETER experiment, you release resources by swapping the experiment out using the web interface or the {{{swapexp}}} command.  If you are using the [UsersGuide#StartCommands startcommand workaround] to detect startup, clear the startup directory when you swap the experiment out.
     180== Advanced Usage ==
     182The previous section showed how to create an experiment using only openvz containers packed 10 (or so) to a machine.  This section shows how to change those parameters.
     184=== Using Other Container Types ===
     186To change the container type that {{{}}} assigns to nodes, use the {{{--default-container}}} option.  Valid choices follow the [NewIntro#KindsofContainers kinds of containers] DETER suports.  Specifically:
     188|| __Parameter__ || __Container__ ||
     189|| {{{embedded_pnode}}} || Physical Node ||
     190|| {{{qemu}}} || Qemu VM ||
     191|| {{{openvz}}} || Openvz Container ||
     192|| {{{process}}} || ViewOS process ||
     194We can try this on our [attachment:example1.tcl example topology]:
     197users:~$ /share/containers/ --default-container qemu DeterTest example2 ~/example1.tcl
     199Requested a QEMU node with more than 7 experimental interfaces.  Qemu nodes
     200can only support 7 experimental interfaces.
     205The good news is that the container system is using qemu containers to build our experiment.  Unfortunately qemu containers only support 7 experimental interfaces, an internal limit on the number of interfaces the virtual hardware supports.  A