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    2121Before running your experiment you should determine the DETER PID and EID under which you'll run the experiment. The EID should not refer to an existing experiment.
     23== Containerizing Your Experiment ==
     25The {{{}}} program creates a DETER experiment made up of containers.  There will generally be more containers than there are DETER nodes in your new experiment.  The {{{}}} program is available from {{{/share/containers/}}} on {{{}}}.  A sample invocation is:
     28$ /share/containers/ MyProject MyExperiment ~/mytopology.tcl
     31It will create a new experiment in {{{MyProject}}} called {{{MyExperiment}}} containing the experiment topology in {{{mytopology.tcl}}}.  All the topology creation commands supported by DETER are supported by the conatainerization system, but systems like program agents are not.  Start commands '''are''' supported.
     33Either an ns2 file or a topdl experiment is supported.  Ns2 descriptions must end with {{{.tcl}}} or {{{.ns}}}.  Other files are assumed to be topdl descriptions.
     36By default, {{{}}} program will partition the topology into openvz containers, packed 10 containers per physical computer.  If the topology is already partitioned - at least one element has a {{{partition}}} atttribute - {{{}}} will not partition it.  Similarly, if container types have been assigned to nodes, {{{}}} will respect them.
     38It takes several parameters that can change its behavior:
     40 {{{--default-container}}}=''kind''::
     41  Containerize nodes without a container type into ''kind''.  If no nodes have been assigned containers, this puts all them into ''kind'' containers.
     42 {{{--force-partition}}}::
     43  Partition the experiment whether or not it has been paritioned already
     44 {{{--packing=}}}''int''::
     45  Attempt to put ''int'' containers into each physical node.  The default {{{--packing}}} is 10.
     46 {{{--config=}}}''filename''::
     47  Read configuration variables from ''filename'' the configuration values are discussed below.
     48 {{{--debug}}}::
     49  Print additional diagnostics
     51This invocation:
     54$ ./ --packing 25 --default-container=qemu --force-partition DeterTest faber-packem ~/experiment.xml
     57takes the topology in {{{~/experiment.xml}}} (which must be topdl), packs it into 25 qemu containers per physical node, and creates an experiment called DeterTest/faber-packem that can be swapped in.  If {{{experiment.xml}}} were already partitioned, it will be re-partitioned.  If some nodes in that topology were assigned to openvz nodes already, those nodes will be still be in openvz containers.
     59The result of a successful {{}}} run is a DETER experiment that can be swapped in.
    2363=== OpenVZ-only and qemu-only auto-partitioned experiments ===