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    1111An experimenter comes to DETER with an experimental topology of computers and networks and an experiment to carry out on that topology, and the container system allocates resources in the configuration specified.  The experimenter can directly access the comuters in order to carry out the experiment.  The computers themselves are either physical computers or some virtual computers that emulate a computer at an acceptable level of fidelity.  Multiple experiments may be in progress at once using DETER resources, and they are protected from interfering with one another.
     13Containers present researchers with more resources while preserving the DETER interfaces. The process of converting a topology description to an isolated collection of networked computers is basically the same as when an experimenter creates a physical topology on DETERLab.  The difference is that a containerized experiment is configured to present more experimental resources than physical ones, preserving the DETER interface.
     15A little more completely, the container system lays out the virtual computers into a physical layout of computers and uses the DETER resource allocation system to allocate that physical layout.  Then the container system installs and configures the appropriate virtualization technologies in that environmnrt to create the virtual environment.