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    1 = The DETER Conatiners System =
     1= The DETER Containers System =
    33The Containers system enables experimenters to create large-scale [ DETER] topologies that support differing degrees of fidelity in individual elements.  In order to create an experiment larger than the 400+ computers in DETER, experimenters must use virtualization, simulation, or some other abstraction to represent their topology.  The container system guides this process allowing experimenters to create large experimental environments that can be used to gather correct results.
    1717[[Image(Container Model.png)]]
     19The experiment topology is an given in an extended version of DETER's ns2 syntax, or in [ topdl], a topology description language.  Currently experimenters pick containers directly using those languages.
     21== Kinds of Containers ==
     23A container is a virtualization technology, like a virtual machine implementation.  We use the term ''container'' to mean any one of the various virtualization technologies from an openvz container to a physical machine to a simulation.  The container system gives us a way to create interconnections of containers (in our sense) holding different experiment elements.  A containerized topology might include a physical machine, a [ qemu] virtual machine and a [ openvz container] that can all commuinicate transparently.
     25The container system framework supports multiple kinds of containers, but at this point researchers can request these:
     27|| __Container Type__ || __Fidelity__ || __Scalability__ ||
     28|| Physical Machine || Complete fidelity || 1 per physical machine ||
     29|| [ Qemu virtual Machine] || Virtual hardware || 10's of containers per physical machine ||
     30|| [ Openvz container ] || Partitioned resources in one Linux kernel || 100's of contatiners per physical machine ||
     31|| [ ViewOS process ] || Process with isolated network stack || 1000's of containers per physical machine ||
     33== Further Information ==
     35 * [UsersGuide Users Guide & Tutorial]
     36 * [ReferenceGuide Reference]