Notes on building a qemu 2.51 deb package for use in containers.

Mostly followed instructions here: In brief though:

  • Download qemu source and untar. cd to source dir.
  • mkdir build && cd ./build
  • ../configure --enable-libssh2 --enable-gnutls --enable-vde --enable-vnc --enable-vnc-png --enable-kvm --target-list=i386-linux-user,i386-softmmu,x86_64-linux-user


  • make -j24
  • sudo checkinstall -D
    • set version to qemu version
    • set name to "qemu"
    • set requirements to: "libaio1, librbd1, libbluetooth3, libvdeplug2, libxen-4.4, libfdt1, libssh2-1, libvte-2.90-9, libsnappy1, liblzo2-2, libibverbs1, librdmacm1"
      • this will cause dpkg to install these libs so they do not have to be in ./etc/hv:qemu_packages in the containers source code tree. This libs still must be added to ./etc/hv:qemu-packages.
  • set provides to "qemu"

Once built, there will be a deb file in the current directory. Copy that to ./packages/hv:qemu/ and it will get picked up and 'dpkg -i' installed when containers is bootstrapped on the pnodes.

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