Pipeline diagram

Setup on users


  • partition nodes (qemu_experiment only)
  • create physical topo and DETER experiment
  • call the python scripts described below


  • embed nodes onto pnodes
  • assign experiment IPs
  • configure networking (VDE switches, wirefilter shaping)
  • calculate static routes
  • configure control net IPs for QEMU

On-Node Setup


  • hv
    • bootstrap
      • node start command (pnode), rc.local entry (qemu)
      • mainly exists to install required python modules needed by all other scripts, including hv setup
      • calls hv exactly once
    • hv
      • sets up hv:hv
      • creates upstart script for booting on pnode/qemu
      • installs debs
      • calls other scripts in this dir to set up children hv's
    • qemu - calls scripts in /var/benito/setup/qemu in numerical order
    • process - same as qemu
  • qemu - numbered sequence of scripts for creating qemu vnodes
  • process - same as qemu


  • pnode: upstart entry launches hv:hv, which launches children hv's
  • qemu: same upstart entry as pnodes

scripts to launch hv's and their children are in /share/benito/launch. Each hv has its own subdirectory, and the main script that launches the hv is named hv.

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