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    110110== Container Notes ==
    112 Different container types have some quirks.  This section lists limitations of each container.
     112Different container types have some quirks.  This section lists limitations of each container, as well as issues in interconnecting them.
    114 === Openvz ===
     114=== Qemu ===
    116 Openvz containers use a custom OS image to support their virtualization.  They cannot share physical resources with other containers.  A physical node holding openvz containers holds only openvz containers.  They are interconnected with one another through bridges and kernel virtual networking rather than through VDE switches (as qemu and process containers are)).  As a result, openvz containers provide network delays using per-container endpoint traffic shaping.  This means that they cannot correctly interconnect with traffic sphped qemu nodes.
     116Qemu nodes are limited to 7 experimental interfaces.  They currently run only Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit operating systems.
     118=== ViewOS Processes ===
     120These have no way to log in or work as conventional machines.  Process tree rooted in the startcommand is created, so a service will run with its own view of the network.  It does not have an address on the control net.
     122Because of a bug in their internal routing, multi-homed processes do not respond correctly
    118124=== Interconnections: VDE switches and local networking ===
    144150Similarly embedded physical nodes use only endnode traffic shaping, as routing outgoing traffic through a virtual switch infrastructure that just connects to its physical interfaces is at best confusing.
    146 Unfortunately, endnode traffic shaping and VDE shaping are incompatible.
     152Unfortunately, endnode traffic shaping and VDE shaping are incompatible.  Because end node shaping does not impose delays on arriving traffic, it cannot delay traffic from a VDE delayed node correctly.
    148154This is primarily of academic interest, unless a researcher wants to impose traffic shaping between containers using incompatible traffic shaping.  There needs to be an unshaped link between the two kinds of traffic shaping.