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     112== Topdl Attributes For Containers ==
     114Several [ topdl] attributes influence how an experiment is containerized.  These can be added to nodes using the ns2 {{{tb-add-node-attribute}}} command (used throughout the [UsersGuide tutorial]) or directly to the topdl.
     116These are all attached to nodes/Computers:
     118 {{{containers:node_type}}}::
     119  The container that will hold this node.  [NewIntro#KindsofContainers The full list] is availible.
     120 {{{conatiners:partition}}}:::
     121  An identifier grouping nodes together containers that will share a physical node.  Generally assigned by [], but reserachers can also directly assign them.  The {{{}}} command assigns integers, so if a researcher assigns other partition identifiers, {{{}}} will not overwrite them.
     122 {{{containers:openvz_template}}}::
     123  The flavor of linux distribution to emulate on openvz.  There is a list of valid choices in [UsersGuide#SettingOpenvzParameters the Users Guide].
     124 {{{containers:openvz_diskspace}}}::
     125  Amount of disk space to allocate to an openvz container.  be sure to include the '''G''' (gigabyte) or '''M''' (megabyte) suffix or the size will be taken as disk blocks.
     126 {{{containers:ghost}}}::
     127  If this attribute is true, resources will be allocated for this node, but it will not be started when the topology is created.
     128 {{{containers:maverick_url}}}::
     129  A location to download the QEMU image for this container.  The name is a legacy that will disappear.  This is deprecated.
     131There are a few other attributes that are meaningful to more applications.  Users specifying ns2 files will not need to set these directly, as the DETER ns2 interpreter does so.
     133On Computers:
     134 {{{startup}}}::
     135  The start command.  {{{tb-set-node-startcmd}}} sets this.
     137On interfaces
     138 {{{ip4_address}}}::
     139  The IPv4 address of this interface.  Set by the ns2 commands for fixing addresses.
     140 {{{ip4_netmask}}}::
     141  The IPv4 netmask.  ns2 sets this.
    112144== Configuration Files ==
     146These files control the operation of the containers system.
    114148=== Per-experiment Directory ===
    116150When an experiment is containerized, the data necessary to create it is stored in {{{/proj/}}''project''{{{/exp/}}}''experiment''{{{containers}}}.  The
    117 {{{/proj/}}''project''{{{/exp/}}}''experiment'' is created by DETER when the experiment is created, and used by experimenters for a variety of things.
     151{{{/proj/}}''project''{{{/exp/}}}''experiment'' is created by DETER when the experiment is created, and used by experimenters for a variety of things.  This directory is replicated on nodes under {{{/var/containers/config}}}.
    119153There are a few files in the per-experiment directory that most experimenters can use: