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ShopDL is a command-line tool for manipulating TopDL files.

It can be invoked by running the following command on users:

$ /share/containers/util/ <topo.xml>

Once it begins you will be in an interactive shell. At any time you may run the help command to see the online documentation. You can also ask for help for specific commands.

shopdl> help
Commands: annotate attributes list save strip

shopdl> help annotate
Annotates topdl.Computer elements
Usage: annotate <name=value> <regex-for-node-name>

Throughout this documentation I'll be running through some examples with a sample TopDL file. Download the attached two_nodes.xml in order to follow along.

Regular Expressions

Commands which take an argument for a node name always accept regular expressions. This is important to remember when nodes have similar names. For instance the following regular expression will match both bot-10 and bot-100:


If you wish to limit your results to only matching bot-10, you should use a regular expression such as the following:



Listing Information

The two commands used to list information are list and attributes, which list nodes and their attributes respectively.

shopdl> list

shopdl> attributes .*
    type: pc2133
    failureaction: fatal
    type: pc2133
    failureaction: fatal

The attributes listed above are not meaningful to the Containers subsystem. They are present because this TopDL file was automatically converted from NS.

Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Attributes

The modification commands are annotate and strip, which add/modify attributes and remove them respectively. strip will also remove attributes from substrates.

Note that a node or substrate can only have one attribute for a given name. Assigning a new value to an existing attribute will overwrite the previous value.

shopdl> annotate benito:node_type=qemu node-1$
Annotated 1 node
shopdl> annotate benito:node_type=embedded_pnode node-2$
Annotated 1 node

shopdl> attributes node-.*
    type: pc2133
    failureaction: fatal
    benito:node_type: qemu
    type: pc2133
    failureaction: fatal
    benito:node_type: embedded_pnode

Note also that you can quote the attribute name and value according to shell quoting rules. This allows you to embed spaces.

shopdl> strip benito:node_type node-.*
Removed 2 attributes (searched 2 nodes)
Removed 0 attributes (searched 1 substrate)

Again remember that strip will remove attributes from substrates as well as nodes.

Save and/or Quit

Save your results using save, quit using quit. save takes an optional parameter to specify output file.

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